It is the policy of the AAFP that all CME faculty/authors/staff members disclose relationships with commercial entities upon nomination/invitation of participation. Disclosure documents are reviewed for potential conflict of interest and, if identified, are resolved prior to confirmation of participation. Only those participants who have no conflict of interest or who agree to an identified resolution process prior to their participation were involved in this CME activity. 
The following faculty and staff members have returned disclosure forms indicating they have no affiliation or financial interest in any organization(s):
Teresa Lianne Beck, MD
B. Wayne Blount, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Robert Dachs, MD, FAAP
Jonathon Firnhaber, MD, FAAFP
Americo D. Fraboni, MD
Joseph Garry, MD, FAAFP
William J. Geiger, MD, FAAFP 
Gary I. Levine, MD, FAAFP
Robyn Latessa, MD
Stanley Oakley, MD, FAPA
Laurence J. Robbins, MD
Mindi McKenna, PhD, MBA
Ann M Karty, MD, FAAFP
Elizabeth J Campbell
Sherri Woodward
Elaine Kierl Gangel
Lynn Morley
Andrea Harden
Michelle Bacon
Kathy Marian
Gary Bird
The AAFP gratefully acknowledges the faculty members of this CME program for allowing recording and reproduction of their materials. Thank you also to Belinda Vail for the use of her original material for Diabetes I, Diabetes II, Immunizations, Well-Child and Adolescent Care, and Care of the Newborn.