It is the policy of the AAFP that all individuals in a position to control content disclose any relationships with commercial interests upon nomination/invitation of participation. Disclosure documents are reviewed for potential conflicts of interest. If conflicts are identified, they are resolved prior to confirmation of participation. Only participants who have no conflict of interest or who agree to an identified resolution process prior to their participation were involved in this CME activity.

The following individual(s) in a position to control content for this activity have disclosed the following relevant financial relationships:
• Dr. Keehbauch is a trainer for Merck (Nexplanon) 

All other individuals in a position to control content for this activity have indicated they have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.


The material presented at this course is being made available by the American Academy of Family Physicians for educational purposes only.  This material is not intended to represent the only, nor necessarily best, methods or procedures appropriate for the medical situations discussed, but rather is intended to present an approach, view, statement or opinion of the faculty which may be helpful to others who face similar situations.

The AAFP disclaims any and all liability for injury or other damages resulting to any individual attending this course and for all claims which may arise out of the use of the techniques demonstrated therein by such individuals, whether these claims shall be asserted by a physician or any other person.

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the data presented at this course.  Physicians may care to check specific details such as drug doses and contraindications, etc., in standard sources prior to clinical application.

This material may contain recommendations/guidelines developed by other organizations.  Please note that although these guidelines may be included, this does not necessarily imply the endorsement by the AAFP.