Faculty members shall disclose when an investigational use of a product not yet approved for any purpose is discussed during an educational activity. Faculty members shall disclose that the product is still investigational. It is not the purpose of this policy to prohibit or limit the exchange of views in scientific and educational discussions, but to ensure that faculty members disclose to participants that such discussion will take place.
The following faculty members have returned forms declaring that the content of their presentations for this AAFP-sponsored CME course will not include discussion of investigational uses of products or devices:
  • Teresa Lianne Beck, MD
  • B Wayne Blount, MD, MPH, FAAFP
  • Robert Dachs, MD, FAAP
  • Jonathon Firnhaber, MD, FAAFP
  • Americo D Fraboni, MD
  • Joseph Garry, MD, FAAFP
  • William J Geiger, MD, FAAFP 
  • Gary I Levine, MD, FAAFP
  • Robyn Latessa, MD
  • Stanley Oakley, MD, FAPA
  • Laurence J. Robbins, MD